[Video] High-Speed Pursuit

Rantoul - 12/31/69 6:00pm

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Around midnight, Rantoul Police attempted to stop a vehicle near Murray Road in Rantoul, which led to a high-speed pursuit through Champaign County.

The vehicle, a silver sedan, was allegedly involved in a previous encounter with State Police where they took off from a traffic stop.

The pursuit lasted about 20 minutes. It started near Murray Road in Rantoul, continued down Route 45 all the way down to i74, then went westbound on i74. Around the 172 mile marker (just south of Mahomet), Rantoul Police and Champaign County Sheriffs terminated the pursuit. During the pursuit, speeds reached 100+ MPH.

The suspect was never taken into custody due to police terminating the pursuit. The video can be found on our Facebook page (facebook.com/realtimecu), or on our website.

Video not for redistribution, re-posting, or broadcasting. Please contact us.

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