[Video] Hit and Run Rollover

Champaign - 12/31/69 6:00pm

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Around 5:50pm, Champaign Police got called to a multi-vehicle accident with a vehicle upside-down, with possible entrapment. Upon arrival, only one vehicle was in the intersection. A van (unknown description) reportedly fled the scene. The vehicle was found a few streets down from the accident.

Eastbound traffic from Highland to Prospect was blocked off. All other traffic was directed by police.

There were no reported injuries. An ambulance was on scene until the scene cleared up, roughly an hour and a half after police arrived.

UPDATE (10/14/19): One subject has been arrested for the hit-and-run.

Video is available on the web version of RealTimeCU.

Video not for redistribution, re-posting, or broadcasting. Please contact us.

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